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Halloween Horror Nights 21 is nearly upon us.

After a visit to Universal Studios the other day, I stumbled across the most complete of the Scare Zones (So Far).

This area will be called “ACID ASSAULT” And the story involves a metropolis that has been taken over by acid rain to the point that it has driven the population mad (presumably to riotous zombies). Some wonderful detail seen here (Such as the ironic “Singin’ in the Rain” posters, as well as the Baby Strollers full of props doused in acid, and of course since it’s in New York, the return of the School bus. (Still labeled as being from Carey, Ohio of course, because what HHN story HASN’T taken place in Ohio?

Anyway, for those of you who are interesting in the parks, I thought I’d share.

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    GAH! This is ALL near Twister!!!
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    The year this section had the robo dinosaur fire breathing thing destroy a car was THE SHIT.
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    Halloween horror night’s acid assault scare zone almost done with construction. :)
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    If I don’t get to go this year I am going to be the saddest of pandas.
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    ahhhh I wish our park was doing this! I’d totally go to HHN looking like Zoey from l4d in that case.
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    Wow, they chained the stuff to the stall.
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